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Referral program

We have developed a great affiliate program. It consists of three levels. If you want to start earning – just create your account on our website.


Profit calculator

If you want to calculate the exact profit and to choose the most interesting investment proposals use an investment calculator. Just enter the amount and select the tariff.


Investment plans


Even Investment plan

Deposit:$1 - 299

Term of deposit:30 days

Return of the deposit:yes


Scope Investment plan

Deposit:$300 - 999

Term of deposit:40 days

Return of the deposit:yes


Jolly Investment plan

Deposit:$1000 - 10000

Term of deposit:50 days

Return of the deposit:yes


Our advantages

Fast earnings

The company SHELBY obtains additional sources of financing, that can increase the number of rates and, thus, to multiply the ultimate gain. You do not need to know all the details of this kind of sport to begin receiving guaranteed income. So that can do any newcomer. You do not need to wait for any event – you get your profit every 24 hours after placing your deposit or without investing with the help of a multilevel affiliate program.

Instant payments

The best indicator of a company in this kind of sport is the speed at which bets are taken and payment are made to the winners. Here we follow the same policy, work with instant rates and payments according to the approved rules of payment

24/7 support

One of the important components of the company SHELBY is timely help to each of you, from beginner to the experienced participant. To get help you can contact us via online chat, feedback form or phone

Betting on a horse racing

About Shelby

The company SHELBY specializes in organization of horse riding sport. Dear friends, if you are visiting our website for the first time and you are a novice in this sphere or perhaps you know all about this sport and you know how to earn money from it.

You’ve come to the place of your business mission. We are going to tell you all about it.